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Experience with delivery of challenging, controversial and complex wildlife related transportation and other developments including all types of wildlife crossings, fencing, wildlife connectivity assessment, fish and aquatic species passage and facilitation of conflicts between agencies

Federal Highway Administration Awards:

  • 2010 FHWA Exemplary Project Award
    Utah: Highway US 6, Wildlife Coordination Committee.Contracted by UDOT to lead the US 6 Wildlife Committee through wildlife linkage assessment, wildlife crossing analysis, fencing and wildlife jump-out chute analysis and decision-making. Involvement included wildlife connectivity assessment recommendations, final wildlife crossing design and location recommendations, fencing recommendations, report writing and conflict resolution. December 2010. National Award.
  • 2009 Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives (EHEI)
    Idaho Transportation/Wildlife Database StatewideContracted by Idaho Fish and Game, Idaho Transportation Department and FHWA to help with a statewide wildlife and aquatic connectivity plan, including priorities by Idaho Transportation Department Regions. Involved with securing funding for the project, facilitated all meetings and developed the process to assess and prioritize linkages. September 2009. National Award.
  • 2006 Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives Award
    Arizona Wildlife Linkages InitiativeFor the Arizona Wildlife Linkages Initiative. Was involved with the planning and wildlife habitat linkage assessment process, presentations and working with local experts on determining wildlife linkages statewide in Arizona. Worked with ADOT, Arizona Fish and Game and the US Forest Service. 2006. National Award.
  • 2005 Federal Highway Administration Award for National Environmental Leadership.
    From Mary Peters, FHWA Administrator. For "habitat protection as related to road and highway development...... one of the leading practitioners in the emerging science of road ecology, efforts to address effects of roads and highways on wide-ranging carnivores, led several statewide and regional efforts to identify wildlife habitat linkages and habitat conservation plans for use by transportation and resource agencies."

USDA Forest Service Awards:

  • April 2010 - USDA Forest Service Award
    1998-2005 National Lynx Conservation Assessment and Strategy.
  • USDA Forest Service Director's Award for 'Leadership and service provided during your tenure as National Road Ecology Program Leader." December 2005. National award.
  • USDA Forest Service Award for "exemplary performance related to National and Regional policies." December 2004. Regional award
  • USDA Forest Service. Director's Award for "Sustained superior performance in integrating biodiversity conservation into road and highway planning…..and for helping to contribute to overall agency mission objectives." February 2002. National award.
  • USDA Forest Service Award for “extra effort to develop and present Innovations in Transportation national training seminars (six training programs) for Forest Service line officers and other agency officials.” November 2002. National award.
  • USDA Forest Service Award for “recognition of your outstanding contribution toward developing the National Lynx Conservation Strategy in partnership with the Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service.”  January 2000. National award.
  • USDA Forest Service Award for “persistence and dedication in making roads and highways safer for creatures large and small.” January 2001. Regional award.
  • USDA Forest Service Director’s Award for “In recognition of your extensive role in developing the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation.” March 1998. National award.
  • USDA Forest Service Award for superior performance. Regional Forester Award. 1996. Regional award.
  • USDA Forest Service Award for leadership in “streamlining processes dealing with the Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act.” Regional Forester Award. 1995. National Award.
  • USDA Forest Service Chief’s Award for “Excellence in Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species Management. Special Achievement for Forest Carnivores and Road Effects.” Presented by Chief of the USDA Forest Service. 1995. National Award.
  • USDA Forest Service Award for coordinating wildlife and fisheries with timber sales. Regional Forester Award. 1994.
  • USDA Forest Service Award.  For “leadership in coordination and improvements in the Forest Service Threatened and Endangered Species program.” August 1991. National award.

BLM / USDA Forest Service Combined Awards:

  • Bureau of Land Management and USDA Forest Service combined award for leading the best combined agency project of the year (National Interagency Lynx Conservation Assessment and Strategy). First time that this award was combined for BLM and the Forest Service. Presented by the Chief of the USDA Forest Service and Director of BLM. April 2002. National Award.

International Conference of Ecology and Transportation Awards:

  • Over 30 Successful Projects Since 2005
  • 28 Publications On Road Ecology, Highway Mitigation, Wildlife Crossings, Wildlife Connectivity, Big Game, Carnivores and T&E Species
  • Recommendations From DOT’s, Resource Agencies, Engineers and Biologists From Throughout North America
  • Over 35 Years Experience With An “Action-Agency” Getting Projects Approved
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